As chance would have it

As you stumble out of the rehearsal room after an extensive jam session, chances are that you say goodbye to your band mates and realise that you probably had one too many and you mumble to yourself: “Spinn I, hon I an Tengler!” (“f*ck, I’m pissed”).

The word “Tengler” in the name of the band, however, stands at least as much for the exhilaration the four mates experience while jamming together. The word “WU”, on the other hand, is an intentional ambiguous reference to the world famous NYC hip-hop clan, though the band have absolutely nothing in common with the clan’s sound. The WU Tenglers exactly love those kinds of contradictions though and chuckle over the confusion this may cause.

To lose and find oneself again

The joy of playing can be heard in every single WU Tenglers’ song. The four band mates communicate without a word while playing: changes of tempo, guitar solos or breaks come without speaking. To lose and find yourself has almost become a life motto.

This not only applies to their music. They have known each other since their childhood. Various band projects were started and ended. Everyone moved into different directions but always stayed in contact. Finally they got together again driven by their love for music.

Pushing the reset button

For Alex, Werner, Hannes and Erwin their weekly jam session is as important as the air to breathe. It is almost like therapy, leaving behind daily duties and worries. Consequently, the lock down and the ban of rehearsals felt pretty hard for the four musicians. Nothing makes it easier to push the personal reset button than the weekly rehearsal sessions.

Everyone who has seen the four Wu Tenglers live is aware of the importance of coincidence. This is how the best songs are created. Sometimes they will come up with the biggest smash hits before the lyrics have been written. This seems surprising since their lyrics are as meaningful as their melodies.

Yes to jamming, no to rehearsing

Their debut album “Bruning Century” may sound effortless. However, it was actually hard work for the four libertines. They hate nothing more than rehearsing songs. Instead they feel most at home with jamming – be it at their rehearsal room or at a live concert. Their energetic gigs never fail to surprise.

This also once applied to a puzzled rap fan who apparently had assumed that the “WU-Tang-Clan” would be onstage, but nevertheless was not disappointed. After the final song he approached the band and said that he had expected the Wu-Tang-Clan to play, but he had found the Wu Tenglers smashing. Those are the special moments the Wu Tenglers love that much about playing live.

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